2014 Best Double Strollers and Reviews

As relatively new parents, many are probably wondering what characteristics they should be searching for in a stroller, as well as the best place to buy.  We understand the overwhelming feeling of sifting through the numerous brands, styles, and models on the market and are here to help!  Our research and reviews will prevent you from wasting money and precious time, as well as keep your baby safe.  Let’s begin the search for the best double stroller for you and your family.

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Double StrollersBOB RevolutionBritax B-AgileJoovy Scooter X2
Double StrollersBOB RevolutionBritax B-AgileJoovy Scooter X2
Weight34 lbs28 lbs28 lbs
Free ShippingYesYesYes
Max Weight100 lbs50 lbs90 lbs
Dimensions 58.3 x 30.6 x 40 in40 x 30.5 x 41.4 in32 x 30.3 x 40.2 in

To ensure that you find the perfect double stroller we have taken the liberty of:

1.) Sorting various kinds of double strollers by purpose.

2.) Picking strollers with the highest customer satisfaction rating, those that are best sellers, cost-efficient as well as extremely safe according to reviews on Amazon.

3.) Finally, for easier comparison, we have constructed a Double Stroller Comparison Chart.  This will help you quickly and easily compare models and styles that you may be interested in, as well as become educated about the negatives and positives of each stroller.

Double Stroller Categories

Prior to diving into research and reviews, we are going to make sure that you are informed about the many categories of strollers found within the market.  If you already have children you can relate to the chaos that sometimes accompanies transportation.  Simple tasks, including going for a walk ad grocery shopping, become seriously stressful chores.  Double strollers are ideal, precisely for this reason.  Give yourself a break and welcome in a stress-free lifestyle for you and your child.

Double strollers provide parents the ability to bring their children with them in a smart, comfy and safe fashion and can be done in a way that is opportune and fashionable for new parents.  All of the double strollers we discuss are great for twins; young children relatively close in age, and even a single child with an active parent.  With such a wide variety of strollers available, choosing the one that fits your family can be challenging.  Continue reading for additional help and clarification!

Reviews of Double Strollers: Side by Side vs. Tandem

There are 2 essential seating assemblies options for strollers in stores today, each with their own pros and cons.  You will need to weigh the options and decide which will be best for your family.  Remember, this stroller will be with you for years to come, so style is important.

Double strollers–Side by side:  Side by side strollers are the most common, and are arranged in such a way that two infants can sit directly next to each other.  Most parents choose this style if their children are approximately the same weight.  Since this stroller is so much wider than a single stroller, its safety is exponentially higher.  This is due to the stroller’s center of gravity, basically guaranteeing that this stroller will not tip over on uneven ground.  For this reason, this stroller is great for walks, hiking, going to the mall and many other occasions.  The downside of this stroller is considered to be its awkwardness.  Since the product is extremely wide, whoever is pushing may need to work harder in order to continue in a straight path or to prevent it from swerving back and forth.

Side by side double strollers provide both children with a great forward view, allowing parents to always be aware of what their children are up to.  These types of strollers provide ample legroom, making them great for growing children.  This stroller also possesses reclining seat, at the same time or individually, making it great for naptime when on the run.

Double strollers—Tandem:  Tandem strollers can be described as two seats, one directly behind the first.  This is comparable to seats found in baseball or football stadiums, in which the backmost seat is placed higher than the first so the child its surroundings.  Some strollers offer the option to rearrange the seat so that the children are facing each other.  This is ideal for older children who enjoy their siblings company and playing whilst their parents are busy.

As can be imagined, this type of double stroller is much slimmer than the side-by-side version.  No more worrying about fitting through doorways or narrow store aisles!  Because of their design, tandem strollers are much easier to push and maneuver through tight spaces.  If you are interested in learning more about tandem strollers, feel free to read our reviews of popular double strollers.

The Best Double Strollers—Specialty types

  • Double Strollers: All-terrain– If you are an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy spending time with your child outside, this is probably the stroller for you.  This stroller could be used in a shopping mall, if you plan on staying in town that day, but is also capable of handling outdoor trails with ease.  Your baby will not feel a single bump thanks to this strollers rugged ground tires and strong frame.  However, if you plan on running, this stroller is not ideal

All-terrain strollers can be easily operated, despite their large size.  Most often, this type of stroller will be composed of two back support wheels, with a single swiveling wheel in the front.

Despite the stroller name, all-terrain strollers do come with their fair share of disadvantages.  Like many strollers, this will not do well on continuously or largely bumpy roads.  These are specifically designed to glide over gravel, wood chips, grass and sand with ease.

Almost all models include detachable rain and sun visors that can be washed.  All-terrain double strollers are also known for extra space underneath the seat capable of storing bags, toys, extra clothes and bottles with ease.  For more information about tandem double strollers, please check out our comparison chart!

  • Double Strollers: Sit and Stand—This is by far one of the best double strollers on the market because of its ability to transport both infants and older toddler siblings.  The baby can sit in luxury when alert or recline when tired, while the older child stands on a platform at the back of the stroller.  Of course the platform is low enough to the ground that the toddler can easily get on and off of the stroller without fear of injury and parent help.  There are quite a few different seat arrangements for this model, some allowing the toddler to sit and face the parent if they get tired of standing.

These sit and stand double strollers weight significantly less and are extremely compact when compared to traditional strollers.  This kind can easily be pushed through narrow spaces and is capable of folding up when not in use for effortless storage.  Think of all the extra space you could have in your car trunk!  Some models of sit and stand strollers can be turned into a car seat, saving you time and money.  Forget the hassle of moving your baby from a vehicle car seat to a traditional stroller!  Additional features consist of extra storage space, cup holders as well as trays for snacks.  Quite a few manufacturing companies offer other attachments that can be bought in addition to the stroller.

  • Double Strollers: Umbrella—The term umbrella was coined because of the upside down J-shaped handles that accompany this light double stroller.  With all of the convenient features of a conventional stroller, umbrella strollers can be easily carried through public transportation systems (i.e. on airplanes, taxis and buses).  The compact design of these strollers allow them to fit almost anywhere, not to mention make them easier to operate when in use.

There are a few varying designs that parents are offered.  One type comes with a canopy roof to shield the infant from harmful sunrays, wind, rain and snow.  An additional mesh screen provides the baby with peace and quite, while also being transparent enough for adults to see the child from the outside.  A few models even offer full enclosure strollers to provide even more protection.  Almost all umbrella double strollers come with reclining seats, giving the child the option to sit up and lie down and nap.  Be sure to read our umbrella double stroller reviews!

  • Double Strollers: Jogging–   If you are a parent that is serious of physical fitness, as well as love being outdoors, then this is the perfect stroller for you!  This way you can workout while spending time with your children.  This type of double stroller has fixed wheeling, ideal for running.  Additional features include thick rubber wheels, a great suspension system, adjustable tracking as well as leg and back support for an unbelievably comfortable ride.  The only downside is that this stroller is not safe for children under the age of six months.

Tires for jogging double strollers are approximately 12 to 16 inches wide.  Previous owners have found that smaller tires are best for jogging within a city, while the sixteen-inch tires are necessary for running in parks or on a path.  If you are looking to get your moneys worth, be sure to buy a stroller with an aluminum frame and alloy wheels to make sure it is as light on its wheels as you are on your feel.  The good news about these additions is that they do not tend to rust as easily as cheaper options.

Of course, additions to the jogging stroller can always be made in order to enhance your running experience.  The stroller’s special and adjustable handles help you to stay upright when running, promoting proper form.  Remember to buy a sunscreen for your infant, as it is essential to protect your little jogger from harmful effects of the sun, as well as a five point seatbelt to lock your little love in place.  A high tech braking system gives you the comfort of increase safety if needed.  Additionally, because of jogging stroller’s size, there is a ton of extra storage space located behind each seat!  If you want to pay a little extra, some of the newest models on the market come with built in speakers.  This way, you can listen to your iPod and infant while running.


As you may have noticed, there are many factors to consider before buying a stroller.  This depends on frequency of use, where you were be using it most often, and what kind of storage options you are looking for.  Once you have done some research and chosen the type that is right for you, read double stroller ratings and reviews online before purchasing.  If done correctly, you will end up with the best double stroller for you and your baby.

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